«BioTestLab» is always looking for new business opportunities and is highly flexible in collaboration



We are looking for partnerships to perform R&D topics in immunology, animal health drugs and vaccines production technologies development, preclinical & clinical trials, scaling of production, epizootic research.

Technologies purchase

The company is looking for new technologies and technological components to acquire such as strains, antigens, adjuvants, vectors, production protocols and SOPs or complete vaccine technologies.

Joint production

We are open to organize partnerships for joint production of any of the lines of our products using our technologies in other countries outside Ukraine.

Technologies sales

Our company has a large set of technologies, bank of microorganism’s strains and knowledge how to produce a list of more than 100 biological and chemical products in accordance with ISO and GMP standards. We are ready to sell our knowledge and technologies of veterinary vaccines and drugs production, organize tech transfer, create and customize production of vaccines, antibiotics and other drugs locally on a partner’s plant. Such cooperation can be, either based on purchase or exchange of technologies, in combination with distribution partnership or other proposals.

Also BIOTESTLAB can offer on commercial basis a ready-made project of industrial complex plant to produce veterinary vaccines and chemical products.

Investment partnership

We offer cooperation based on equal partnership terms for construction of high-technology production of vaccines and other veterinary products in accordance with international standards of GMP for expansion into the world markets. The size of the partner investment - 13,5 million USD, the schedule for investment - within 1.5 years, the payback period - 2 (construction) + 3 years.

To request additional information about cooperation opportunities listed above please address to:

+38 050 423 81 87