technical product for wash and clean
orthophosphoric acid 20%


Vials and jerry cans of glass or polymer materials

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100 ml
500 ml
1 l
5 l
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25 l

Composition, content of active ingredients and excipients, mass. %:

Orthophosphoric acid is not less than 20, and organic acid is not less than 5; additional substances: nonionic surfactants, scaling inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors, complexing agents, water up to 100.0.


VIROCLEAN-KPM is a concentrated acidic foam-washing product for purification from mineral and organic contaminants.

Product is used to wash various surfaces, such as: walls, floors, equipment, inventory, tanks, containers, equipment (in food and non-food industries, at premises of the agro-industrial sector), cleaning of shells, bathtubs, toilet bowls and other sanitary products, as well as tiled walls and floors, at public catering establishments, in health care facilities when there are iron-calcium-phosphate oxide deposits, water hardness salts, urinary stone and rust

VIROCLEAN-KPM is a high-foaming agent, used for "foam" washing with the use of special devices such as foam generators, high and low pressure devices. The agent is easily washed off from the surfaces. It is not recommended to use a product where excessive foaming is unacceptable.

Consumer properties

  • Product is effective against mineral contaminations: iron-calcium-phosphate oxide deposits, water hardness salts, urinary stone and rust;
  • effective against organic (protein) contamination;
  • product has a high detergency with foaming;
  • prevents scale deposition;
  • contains corrosion inhibitors: does not damage the surface of the wares to be processed when used in accordance with the instructions;
  • it readily dissolves in water;
  • destroys and prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi;
  • effectively acts in water of any hardness.

Toxicity and safety of the product

Product for toxicity parameters refers to moderately unsafe substances of hazard class 3 in accordance with GOST 12.1.007. Has a moderate skin irritant effect. It has a very irritating effect on the mucous membranes of the eyes. Avoid contact with eyes!

Preparation of product working solution

Concentration of working solution,% by product

Amount of the product concentrate and water (ml) required to prepare 1 liter of working solution





















Degreasing, removal of the oxide film is carried out using the working solution in a concentration of 5-20%.

To remove especially heavy, "old", contamination, scale, rust, beer, milk and meat stones, it’s necessary to use 20-90% aqueous solutions of the product or undiluted agent.

Temperature of the product working solutions when used is 5-90°C.

The efficiency increases with the temperature of the working solution.

Exposure time of the product working solutions is 5-30 minutes.


The product should be stored in covered ventilated rooms, providing protection from direct sunlight, at a distance of at least 2 m from the heating devices at temperatures between 0°C to 25°C.

Storage is allowed in open areas equipped with a shed, which prevents direct sunlight, in storage tanks with an isothermal device, which ensures product temperature between 0°C to 25°C.

Product is stored on wooden pallets stacked no more than 1.5 meters in height.

Store away from other materials and food products, out of the reach of children.


12 months from the production date, in a sealed package from the manufacturer.