technical cleanser, foamy


technical cleanser, foamy

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Basic active substance of the cleanser is sodium alkyl benzene sulfonate 2.5±0.5%, and adjuvants (nonionic surfactants, complexing substances), water up to 100.0%.

Consumer properties

  • has a good foaming and high detergency;
  • when using the foam generating equipment forms a stable foam, with long lasting hold on vertical surfaces, providing cleaning in hard to reach places;
  • does not damage surface;
  • well diluted in water;
  • works effectively in water of any hardness.


Used in food processing industry, agro-industrial sector, transport for cleaning up:

  • industrial premises;
  • food processing equipment;
  • containers;
  • conveyor belts;
  • packaging;
  • implements;
  • tools;
  • desktops.


To prepare working solutions, and for rinsing, it is necessary to use tap water. Preparation of solutions should be carried out in accordance with calculations in table below, self life of the prepared solutions - 14 days.

Concentration of working solution, %

Amountof cleanser and water (ml) required for preparation of 1 liter of working solution


















Is possible to use the cleanser by applying a working solution on the surface of the processed objects or by dipping of the equipment parts in solutions and cleaning them with brushes and ruffs, with complying the safety regulations when working with corrosive sub- stances.

After processing surfaces are rinsed with running water from the residual detergent. Rinsing of the external surfaces is carried out within 3-5 minutes.

Presence or absence of residual alkalinity of the equipment is checked by using universal indicator paper to determine the pH in the range from 0 to 12. For this purpose, immedi- ately after rinsing the test paper strip is applied to the wet surface and pressed firmly. Stain- ing test paper in the green-blue color indicates the presence of residual alkalinity on surface of equipment. If the color of the paper has not changed, it means there is no residual alka- linity.

Precautionswhenworkingwiththe cleanser

When working with the cleanser it is necessary to comply with the safety regulation, as well as the standard instructions.

When working with cleanser should avoid the contact of liquid with the skin and eyes. All kind of works should be performed in work clothes, with rubber gloves to protect your hands, and glasses for eyes.

When spraying (irrigation) is necessary to use the protections of the respiratory tract with universal respirators or industrial gas mask; of eyes with airtight glasses; of body with the jumpsuit; of feet by the rubber boots of hand skin by rubber gloves.

Product should be stored separately from food products in tightly closed containers from the manufacturer: indoors.

Shelf life and storage conditions

The product should be stored in a covered ventilated area, providing protection from ex- posure to the sun, at a distance of at least 2 m away from heaters at temperatures not below 0° C and not above 25° С.

May stored in the open area, equipped with a shed that excludes direct sunlight, in storage tanks with an isothermal device that provides a product temperature not exceeding 25° C and not below 0° С.

Product is stored on wooden pallets stacked with maximum height of 1.5 m. Store away from other materials and food products, out of the reach of children.

Shelf-life of the cleanser is 12 months from date of production in unopened packaging from the manufacturer.