remedy for antiseptic and hygienic treatment of hands


remedy for antiseptic and hygienic treatment of hands

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Active substances of the remedy are:

benzalkonium chloride; ethyl alcohol; isopropyl alcohol. Excipients: perfumery odorants; water.


Is designed for antiseptic and hygienic hand treatment of employees at:

  • livestock and poultry farms;
  • food industries;
  • catering facilities;
  • public services facilities;
  • pre-school and school facilities;
  • social security institutions;
  • perfume and cosmetics companies;
  • hairdressers;
  • cosmetic salons;
  • beauty salons.


Produced in the form of a ready to use formulation.

With dispensing device apply from 2.0 to 5.0 ml of the product on the hands and rub uniformly to complete evaporation, if necessary, it is possible to add another dose.

For effective exposure you need 3-5 min. Hands should be well wetted during time of application. No need to rinse after exposure.


The product does not irritate or dry a skin of hands when used. Application does not require use of any means of protection.

Avoid contact with eyes and stomach.

When spilled collect by non-combustible material, well absorbing liquid.

In case of failure to observe precautions, following manifestations are possible: irritation of mucous membranes of eyes and upper respiratory tract: watery eyes, swelling of mucous membrane, irritation, cough.

Shelf life

12 months.


Store away from other materials and food products, out of the reach of children at temperatures not below 0° C and not above 25° С.