trivalent, inactivated vaccine against Avian Salmonellosis


Polymer vials

Poultry rearing
500 doses
1000 doses

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In one dose before inactivation:

Salmonella еnteritidis strain SE-15at least 108 CFU;

Salmonella typhimurium strain ST-15 at least 108 CFU;

Salmonella gallinarum strain SG-15 at least 108 CFU.

Pharmaceutical form


Immunological properties

Vaccine induces the formation of active protective immunity against Salmonella enteritidis, Salmonella typhimurium, Salmonella gallinarum. Sustained immunity is formed 4 weeks after the booster vaccination and retains throughout the productive period.

Target species



For preventive vaccination of the broiler breeders,laying hens breeders, and the laying hens against salmonellosis, caused by Salmonella enteritidis, Salmonella typhimurium, Salmonella gallinarum.

Interaction with other drugs

Not determined.

Special precautions (during laying period)

The vaccine does not affect egg production, fertilization, and egg incubation.

Route of administration and dosage

The vaccine is used at a dose of 0.5 ml per head by subcutaneous injection in the lower neck area or between the wings.

It is advisable to vaccinate broiler breeders at 9-12 weeks of age, with re-vaccination at the age of 17-20 weeks.

Laying hens breeders and laying hens are vaccinated at 9-12 weeks of age, with booster vaccination at the age of 16-17 weeks. The minimum interval between vaccinations should be at least 4 weeks. Re-vaccination shall be carried out no later than 3 weeks before the onset of the egg-laying period.

Adverse effects

At the injection sites, a local reaction in the form of swelling of 5-10 mm in size is possible, which disappears within 2-3 weeks.


The use of two doses of the vaccine does not adversely affect the birds.

Withdrawal period

Do not vaccinate 21 days before slaughter.

Shelf life

18 months. Once vial opened, the vaccine should be used immediately.

Storage conditions

Store in dark places, out of the reach of children, at +2 to +8° C.

Do not freeze!

Package and presentation

Polymer vials of 500 and 100 doses, closed with rubber stoppers and aluminum caps.