live vaccine
against Infectious Bronchitis


Live vaccine against Infectious Bronchitis

Poultry rearing


One dose of the vaccine contains obtained on SPF chickens embryos:

Avian Infectious Bronchitis virus both strains H-120 and BK-07 ≥ 103,5 EID50 totally per dose


Freeze-dried tablet

Immunological properties

Vaccine virus in 7-10 days induces specific immunity and prevents vaccinated chicks against disease during 6-7 weeks.

Target species


Special precautions (during laying period)

The vaccine does not influence egg laying, fertility or egg incubation.

Route of administration and dosage

Route of administration


Coarse spray method:

Reduce indoor lightning to a minimum.

Spraying is done from a distance of 30-40 cm above a certain number of chickens

Dissolve 1000 doses of the vaccine with 150-500 ml of cool (10-20° С) drinking water

Ocular-nasal method:

Administer one drop per bird in the nasal mucosa or eye conjunctiva, using standard dropper

Dissolve 1000 doses of the vaccine with 30-50 ml of saline solution

Oral method:

It is preferably to conduct the vaccination early in the morning. For best quality of vaccination it is recommended to add 2g of driednon-fat milk per one liter of water or to use product for water preparation for immunization “INDIGO MAX”or alike

The vaccine should be dissolved in such manner, that every previously identified volume of water consumption would contain one dose of vaccine per each bird.

Drinking water should not contain ions of chlorine and iron, antibiotics or disinfectants. Drinking nipples and bowls should be thoroughly washed without use of disinfecting solutions.

Withdrawal period

0 days.

Shelf life

18 months.

Storage conditions

Store vaccine in dry, dark places, out of the reach of children, at +2 to +8⁰C.