live vaccine against
Avian Encephalomyelitis and Fowl Pox


Live vaccine against Avian Encephalomyelitis and Fowl Pox

Poultry rearing
5Х500 doses
500 doses
1000 doses
5 ml
10 ml


One dose of vaccine contains:

virus of Avian encephalomyelitis, strain Calnek 1143 ≥ 102,5 EID50;

virus of Fowl pox, strain Cutter ≥ 102,8 EID50.


Pharmaceutical form

Freeze-dried tablet and solvent.

Immunological properties

Vaccine induces the formation of the protective antibodies in 2-3 weeks after vaccination and protects birds from infection throughout all egg-laying period. The reaction to the fowlpox virus inoculation can occur 5-7 days post vaccination and is characterized by swelling or formation of a nodular lesion or scab of the bird’s wing web at the site of inoculation. Swelling and scabs will disappear at about 2 weeks following inoculation and show that the vaccination was successful.

Vaccine does not have therapeutic properties.

Target species

Chickens, turkeys.


To protect against specified diseases, vaccinate chickens older than 8 weeks, and turkeys at the age of over 18 weeks.


Do not vaccinate exhausted and sick chickens as well as birds younger than the specified age.


Do not use the vaccine from vials with cracks, without labels, with violation of sealing, and when the vaccine was not dissolved as well as a vaccine that is not used within six hours after reconstitution or with an expired date.

Do not use the solvent from vials with cracks, without labels, with violation of sealing, or when its color or consistency are changed.

Interaction with other drugs

Not studied, so administration concurrently with other vaccines is not recommended.

Special precautions (during the egg-laying period)

Do not administer 28 days before the start of and during the egg-laying period.

Route of administration and dosage

Vial of vaccine of 1000 doses should be dissolved in 10 ml of solvent (500 doses in 5 ml) before use.

Vaccine should be administered by the wing-web pierce method with a double needle applicator. For administering the vaccine hold the bird and spread the underside of one wing outward. Insert the double needle applicator into the vaccine bottle, wetting or charging both needles. Pierce the web of the exposed wing with the double needle applicator charged with the vaccine. During vaccination avoid hitting large blood vessels. All birds in the poultry house must be vaccinated at once.

Adverse effects

When using the drug in accordance with the leaflet-instruction, adverse effects are not observed.

Overdose (symptoms, emergency measures)

The use of ten doses of vaccine does not adversely affect healthy birds.

Withdrawal period

14 days.

Special warnings for persons and service staff that use the product

Follow the rules of aseptic, personal hygiene and safety during vaccination.

In the case of accidental self-injection, you should immediately seek medical assistance, having the leaflet (instruction) to this drug.

Special security measures for handling the unused product, ways to neutralize it and its disposal

The expired vaccine and vaccine unused within 6 hours after reconstitution, the empty vials, and applicator’s needles should be decontaminated by boiling for 30 minutes.

Shelf life

18 months for both vaccine and solvent. Vaccine should be used within 6 hours after reconstitution.

Storage and transport conditions

Store vaccine in dark place out of the reach of children, at +2 to +8°C or at minus 20°C.

Solvent is stored in dark place out of the reach of children, at +2 to +8°C.