combined vaccine
against Hemorrhagic Disease and Myxomatosis


Combined vaccine against Hemorrhagic Disease and Myxomatosis


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Vaccine contains two components with an equal amount of doses:

  • Suspension of inactivated agent of rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease, strain BG-04 from 640 to 1280 HAU in one dose, as a solvent for freeze-dried tablet;

  • Freeze-dried tablet of vaccine virus of Myxomatosis, strain MAV/RK – 13/20 ≥ 104,0 EID50 in one dose.

Pharmaceutical form

Freeze-dried tablet and suspension.

Immunological properties

Vaccine protects rabbits from Hemorrhagic Disease and Myxomatosis during 8-10 months, induces formation of protective antibodies in 7-14 days after vaccination.


Preventative immunization of rabbits against Hemorrhagic Disease and Myxomatosis.

Interaction with other preparations

Do not mix with other preparations, with components of other vaccines against rabbit disease and components of other batches of LAPIMUN GEMIX vaccine. Dehelmintization of rabbits is to be performed 2 weeks prior to or 2 weeks after vaccination.

Special precautions (during gestation period)

It is not recommended to vaccinate females 7 days before the parturition, because of "mechanical" abortions that may occur due to animals’ stresses.

Route of administration and dosage

After shaking, using a syringe, vaccine component in suspension form is transferred into the vial with freeze-dried component.

Statusof farm


Multiplicity of the vaccination



Rabbits in non-endemic areas

At the age of 10 weeks

Single dose

1.0 ml

Subcutaneously, behind the shoulder blade

Rabbits at the threat of early infection

At the age of 4 weeks

Revaccination at the age of 4 months

1.0 ml

Re-vaccination is carried out every 8 months.

Withdrawal period

0 days.

Self life

18 months. Vaccine should be used within 3 hours after dissolving.

Storage conditions

Store vaccine in dry, dark places, out of the reach of children, at +2 to +8° С. Do not freeze!