hemorrhagic disease, 2 strains


inactivated vaccine against Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease

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20 doses
50 doses
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One dose of vaccine contains inactivated by formaldehyde:

  • virus of Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease, strain BG-04 ≥ 640 HAU;
  • virus of Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease, strain GBK-2 ≥ 640 HAU.

Pharmaceutical form


Immunological properties

The vaccine protects rabbits against Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease caused by a calicivirus, for 12 months, and induces the formation of protective antibodies within 4-14 days post-vaccination. It has no therapeutic properties.

Target species



Preventative immunization of rabbits against Hemorrhagic Disease, caused by a calicivirus.


The vaccine is not administered to exhausted and sick rabbits.


Follow the rules of asepsis. Do not use the vaccine from vials with cracks, unlabeled, with violation of sealing, and when the vaccine has not been used for seven days after the first opening or expired.

Interaction with other drugs

The vaccine can be used simultaneously with the vaccine against Myxomatosis of rabbits LAPIMUN МІХ, which is administered at the opposite side of the body into the area of the shoulder blades or thighs.

Special precautions (during gestation period)

It is not recommended to vaccinate females 7 days prior to the parturition, because of the abortions that may occur due to animals’ stresses.

Lactating females are vaccinated, regardless of the term of parturition.

Route of administration and dosage

The vaccine is administered to healthy rabbits subcutaneously behind the shoulder blade in a dose of 1.0 ml per head.

In a hemorrhagic disease-free farm, rabbits are vaccinated once, starting at 30 days of age. If a threat of early infection occurs, rabbits are vaccinated once from 4 weeks of age.

Rabbits of commercial herds are vaccinated once a year. Animals of the parent herd, with intensive use, are vaccinated twice with an interval of 6 months.

Adverse effects

In disadvantaged farms after immunization, the death of those animals that were in the incubation period or were infected with the epizootic virus of Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease is possible.

Overdose (symptoms, emergency measures)

The use of 2 doses of the vaccine does not cause Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease in rabbits.

Withdrawal period

0 days.

Special warnings for persons and service staff that use the product

Follow the rules of asepsis, personal hygiene and safety during vaccination.

In the case of accidental self-injection, you should immediately seek medical assistance, having the leaflet (instruction) to this drug.

Special security measures for handling the unused product, ways to neutralize it and its disposal

The expired or unused vaccine, the empty vials and needles should be decontaminated by boiling for 30 minutes.

Shelf life

24 months. The vaccine should be used within 7 days after first opening.

Storage conditions

Store vaccine in dark places, out of the reach of children, at +2 to +8° С.