antibiotic powder for oral use of Colistin sulphate – 6 000 000 IU


powder for oral use

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1 g of preparation contains active substance: Colistin sulphate – 6 000 000 IU; Additional ingredients.

Pharmacological properties

Colistin is an antibiotic from the group of polymyxins which are synthesized by aerobic spore-forming coli Bacillus polymyxa. Colistin has a bactericidal action against Gramnegative bacteria like E. coli, Salmonella spp., Pasteurella spp., Haemophilus spp., Bordetella spp. Colistin binds to phospholipids of cytoplasmic membrane, increases its permeability for both intra- and external cellular components which leads to destruction of the bacterial cell. When administered the colistin sulfate has poor resorption ability (practically not absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract). Excreted through the intestines. It does not have acumulative effect.


Treatment of calves with rumen unformed (under 3 months), pigs and poultry (broiler chickens, laying hens, geese, turkeys, ducks) in case of diseases of the digestive tract, caused by pathogens susceptible to Colistin.

Routes of administration and dosages

The product is administered orally, as follows:

Calves - with feed, drinking water or milk for 3-7 days at a dose of 1-2 g of the product per 100 kg body weight one time per day;

Pig - with feed or drinking water at a dose 2.1 g, per 100 kg body weight one time per day, or 200 g of product per 1000 liters of drinking water for 3-7 days;

Poultry - with feed or drinking water at a dose 1.25 g of the product per 100 kg body weight, or 100-200 g per 1,000 liters of drinking water for 3-7 days.

Withdrawal period

Meat (incl. poultry) – in 3 days after the last treatment. Meat received before this period should be disposed or fed to non-productive animals, depending on conclusion of veterinarian. No withdrawal period for eggs.

Shelf life

36 months. After first opening – 28 days, if stored in dark place at +5 to +25° С.

Storage conditions

Store in dry, dark places, out of the reach of children, at +5 to +25° С.