inactivated vaccine against rotavirus, coronavirus infection, Escherichia coli, and clostridial diseases in cattle


5 doses
25 doses
50 doses


One dose of the vaccine (2.0 ml) contains:

Active ingredients:

Cattle rotavirus, strain RP-182 ≥ 7,0 lg TCID50;

Cattle coronavirus, strain CV-315 ≥ 256 HAU;

Escherichia coli, strain EC18 ≥ 9.0 lg CFU;

Clostridium perfringens type С, strain Cl.p.-19, toxoid ≥ 20.0 IU

Excipients: adjuvant Aerosil A-300 – 10 mg.

Pharmaceutical form


Immunobiological properties

The vaccine forms specific immunity to the causative agents of rotavirus infection, coronavirus infection, Escherichia coli, and clostridial diseases in vaccinated cows (or heifers) after double immunization. The formed antibodies are transmitted with colostrum and provide passive protection of newborn calves from rotavirus infection, coronavirus infections, Escherichia coli, and clostridial diseases up to 45 days of age. The vaccine has no therapeutic properties.

Animal species


Indications for use

Prevention of diarrhea in newborn calves caused by rotavirus, coronavirus infections, Escherichia coli with adhesion factor K99, and Clostridium perfringens type C.


The vaccine is only used in clinically healthy animals. It is not allowed to vaccinate emaciated animals and animals under stress, caused by transportation, exposure to extreme environmental conditions, helminth infestation, or other immunosuppressive states.

An intense immune response may not be present if the vaccine has not been used as indicated in the leaflet.

Precautions for use

The rules of asepsis must be followed. The vaccine in the vial should be used within 3 hours after the first withdrawal.

Interaction with other drugs

There is no data on the safety and efficacy of the drug with other drugs, therefore, the simultaneous use of BOVIMUN NEO vaccine with other therapeutic and/or prophylactic drugs is not recommended.

Special instructions during pregnancy, lactation, or laying period

The vaccine is administered to pregnant cows and heifers in the recommended doses.

Route of administration and dosage

Before vaccination, the vaccine vial should be heated to 20-25°C and shaken thoroughly. The vaccine is administered twice intramuscularly in croup in a dose of 2 ml, observing the rules of asepsis.

Primary vaccination: the vaccine is administered to pregnant cows (heifers) twice with an interval of 3 weeks, at 7-6 and 4-3 weeks before calving.

Revaccination: pregnant cows (heifers) are recommended to be immunized twice at 7-6 and 4-3 weeks before calving. The level of protection of calves depends on the time of watering, quality, and quantity of colostrum, so it is necessary to pay special attention to providing calves with sufficient colostrum from vaccinated cows.

The first portions of colostrum after calving are fed to newborn calves no later than 6 hours after birth. Further, colostrum from vaccinated cows, obtained in the first 6-8 milkings after calving, is recommended to be collected and stored in a refrigerator (at a temperature of 2-8°C) or frozen. The heating or thawing of colostrum is carried out at a temperature not exceeding 42°C.

Collected colostrum from vaccinated cows (6-8 milkings) is recommended to give to each calf in the volume of 2.5-3.5 L/day during the first two weeks of life.

The vaccine does not have therapeutic properties.

Withdrawal period

Zero days.

Shelf life

18 months. The vaccine should be used within 3 hours after opening the vial.

Storage and transportation conditions

In a dark place, out of reach of children at a temperature of 2 to 8°C.

Do not freeze!


Glass or plastic vials with rubber stoppers and aluminium caps, containing 5, 25, or 50 doses of the vaccine.