Combined vaccine against Infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR), Parainuenza 3 (PI3), Bovine viral diarrhea (BVD) and Bovine respiratory syncytial virus (BRS), in injectable suspension


Glass or plastic vials, closed with rubber stoppers and aluminum caps



The vaccine contains two components (a suspension as a solvent for lyophilizate) with the same number of doses. One dose of the drug contains:

Vaccine strains in suspension (before inactivation):

Bovine Infectious Rhinotracheitis virus, strain BM…......≥ 107 TCD50;

Parainfluenza-3 virus(РІ-3), strain BR-11 …………...…≥ 480 HAU;

Bovine Diarrhea virus, strain D-13 ………………...........≥ 106,5 TCD50;

Vaccine strain in the lyophilized component:

Live Virus of Bovine Respiratory Syncytial Infection, strain РС-09 ……. ≥104 TCD50.

Pharmaceutical form

Suspension and freeze-dried tablet.

Immunological properties

The vaccine induces the formation of active immunity against the Bovine Reproductive and Respiratory Diseases complex; it does not have therapeutic properties.

Target species



Preventive immunization of cattle against Infectious Rhinotracheitis, Viral Diarrhea, Parainfluenza-3, and Bovine Respiratory Syncytial Infection.

Interaction with other agents

Not studied, therefore, it is not recommended to be used concurrently with other vaccines and therapeutic agents. Do not mix the components of the vaccine from different batches (series).

Special precautions during pregnancy, lactation

Administration at any stage of pregnancy and lactation does not cause an adverse reaction in animals.

Route of administration and dosage

Transfer 5 ml of the vaccine suspension to the vial with a freeze-dried component, stir gently until the lyophilizate is completely dissolved, draw the dissolved material with a syringe, and transfer it again to the vial with suspension. Repeat the procedure to completely transfer the dissolved lyophilized component into the vial with suspension.

The vaccine should be administered intramuscularly in the lower third of the neck.

Dosage: Animals, starting at 4 weeks of age, administer 3 ml of the vaccine, regardless of weight, age, and sex.

The following general vaccination protocol is recommended:

Bulls and Cows: Vaccine is administered twice with an interval of 21-30 days. Further vaccination should be carried out once a year.

Heifers: Vaccine is administered twice at 70-60 and 30-20 days before the first insemination. Further vaccination should be carried out once a year.

Side effects

After vaccination, swelling at the injection site and an increase in body temperature of 0.5-1°C may occur, which disappear after 2-3 days without treatment.

Overdose (symptoms, emergency measures)

The use of two doses of the vaccine does not adversely affect the health of animals.

Withdrawal period

Zero days.

Shelf life

18 months from the production date. The vaccine should be used within 3 hours after reconstitution.

Storage and transport conditions

Store in dark places, out of the reach of children at the temperature between 2 and 8° C. Do not freeze!

Package and presentation

Glass or plastic vials, closed with rubber stoppers and aluminum caps, with 10 and 30 doses.